May 3, 2013 in family , Gardening     6 comments

If you know Shane, then you know he is really good at a lot of different things.

But when it comes to gardening he’s become quite the overachiever….

some may even consider him a bit of  a show off!!

I really just have to laugh everytime he brings in another basket full.

I have been cooking and eating as much as I can and we still have enough for about 20 more families!

And perhaps I am a little biased, but I sure do think he has the cutest garden assistant ever!

Happiness Shines!

April 1, 2013 in photography     1 comment

I had an awesome session last week with one of my favorite families! They are so easy to work with and super fun to be around!

I think you’d agree that their happiness shines through in the images!!

It’s a good thing…

March 28, 2013 in family , Gardening     4 comments

It’s a good thing that we’re not having a gardening competition around here!

Well….good for ME!

My Garden:

Shane’s Garden:

Whatever! Maybe I am trying to grow dried Rosemary. Ever think of that?!!