It’s Berry Fun!

March 26, 2012 in Fruits , Gardening

It is berry fun to grow your own fruits and veggies.

It is even more fun when someone else does all the dirty work, and you get to reap the rewards!!

At the end of September, we planted strawberries and they are finally starting to grow and ripen.

I honestly have not even tasted one yet, since Avery manages to eat them all as fast as she picks them!

In other hoarder news, we have been buying organic strawberries while they are on sale,

and washing and freezing them for when they are no longer in season.

(The blueberries are still left from last season)

And in closing, we have a final shot of our master gardener and chief hoarder!

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  1. Danielle says:

    Do you have to do anything else to the strawberries prior to freezing? I’m assuming you let them dry first. Then do you use them only in baking and smoothies? I would think the texture would be mushy after they thaw? Thanks! Sorry for so many questions but it’s such a great way to take advantage the savings year round.

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