Slow Down

July 26, 2011 in Dressings and Sauces , family

Sometimes as we move through the busy seasons of life, it is hard to remember to be grateful for the business instead of complaining and wishing for a slower pace.

I know that the busy-ness of the summer season is a HUGE blessing for our family and even though I am counting the days until it ends, I am oh so thankful that we are so blessed to BE busy. It’s an endless cycle!!

In the meantime, I bought myself a new Farmer’s wife hat. I thought it would be perfect for our Saturday morning visits to the farmer’s market. What I learned this week was that the hat actually makes it HOTTER. Go figure!

(Photo by Van! He is quite the budding photographer.)

Here is one of he took of Avery! Not too shabby!!

Since my cooking time is very limited right now, I was excited to find a quick,easy, paleo way to manage our basil supply.

And it  is oh so delicious!


• Approx 5 1/2 cups fresh basil (I realize trying to measure leaves is kinda ridiculous, but just shove them in a measuring cup as best you can. No need to be precise!)

• 1 Cup Walnuts

• Approximately 1 cup EVOO or just a little less

• Approximately 10 Garlic Cloves (yes, I buy them already peeled)

• 1/4-1/2 tsp salt

Put it all together in the food processor and blend.

I think it is even better after it sits in the fridge a few hours, or even overnight, so make it in advance of serving if possible.

We have a lot of basil, so I made many many batches of pesto. Some for now and some got frozen for later!

Ideas for ways to Enjoy Pesto:

• On top of Meat! We LOVE it on grilled chicken

• Rolled up inside lunch meat. Truly Yummy.

• On Eggs

• With sliced Tomatoes

• Perhaps on a Spoon?!

How do you Pesto?

10 Responses to “Slow Down”
  1. paige says:

    yummy recipe
    & that is a gorgeous picture of you!!

  2. Courtney Riggin says:

    I found your blog this week through Darby’s!

    I use hoards of pesto in the summertimes on this recipe:
    It’s a regular favorite around here and works great as a light supper, lunch by the pool or lake, or as an appetizer!

    It’s so good! We use all goat cheese instead of provolone and blue. We’ve also been known to toss some walnuts on top! Not sure if the prosciutto is paleo or not… I’m still learning!

    Keep these pure & healthy food ideas coming! I had the best time at Fresh Market today after perusing your blog this morning :)

    Here’s another Eating Well summer recipe we love:

  3. shane says:

    Van has mad photo skills!

  4. tutti says:

    I like to add a bunch of arugula to my pesto-adds a kick, and having it on eggs with smoked salmon, or by the spoonful is my favorite!

  5. LOVE fresh basil pesto. I usually toast walnuts and/or pine nuts which enhances the nuttiness. I froze pesto last year…turned out to be a great winter treat! Love it on a meatloaf sammich.

  6. kara says:

    marla – found you via darby…you are such a BEAUTY! that photo your son took is amazing. this recipe looks amazing AND i am wondering how you make that dark chocolate bark you posted a while back. i bought all the stuff and now i’m not certain what to do with it! ;)
    xoxo kara

  7. kara says:

    oh yea, i thought a good post for you to do to inspire others’ to execute your way of eating would be to give a list of items you keep stocked at home by category…just an idea!

  8. kara says:

    ok now i feel like a total airhead. i just re-read the choc bark post. obviously you just melt the chocolate and throw the stuff on – i think i was just wondering how exactly you melt yours. i bought a big flat bar. is that what you used? thanks!

  9. Nichol Krupp says:

    Agreed. I need to remember to be grateful for the business and slow down all at once. Is that possible?

  10. Nichol Krupp says:

    P.S. I am so stealing a jar of that Pesto from your freezer when I see you 5 weeks. One of my favorites. We put it in our eggs and call it green eggs and ham. LOVE IT!

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