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Our blueberry bushes are doing awesome!

Not only are they delicious, fun to eat, and nutritious, but they are also easily picked by the little people.

There is something strangely gratifying about being able to send the kids outdoors each morning to pick fresh fruit for their lunch!

Because I try to eat as little sugar as possible, I only eat certain fruits in small servings.

Blueberries happen to have a low glycemic load and tons of health benefits,

but they also happen to be super expensive when you buy the organic ones at the store.

Having them handy at home to grab a handful is so awesome!

Lately, we have had so many, that I have taken to freezing them for the winter when less fresh fruit is available. I just wash them, let them dry and throw them in a ziploc bag.

I am sure there are fancier ways, but I’m guessing ours will not stay in the freezer long once the fresh ones are gone.


Let’s do a little Blueberry Bush Q and A with Shane!

How many blueberry bushes did you plant? 10

Do they need to be planted near each other? Yes, within 10 feet and they need to be of different varieties to cross pollinate.

What varieties did you plant? Premier, Powder Blue, Bluebelle, Alpaha, Rabbiteye, Gulf Coast, Emerald, and Camellia

Will they keep going year after year? Yes, keep fruiting and keep growing. Could reach heights of 8-10 feet

Do you fertilize them? Yes, twice a year with organic fertilizer and spray them through the summer months with organic Neem Oil

How much do they produce? About two pints per bush in the first year, easily.

How much was each bush? Approximately $10-12 each

Where did you buy them? Just Fruits and Exotics in Crawfordville, Florida


Go forth and plant blueberries!






3 Responses to “Blueberries!”
  1. Tiffany says:

    mmmmmm!! I love them! My grandmother has blueberry bushes, and it’s such a blessing since they are so expensive. One thing she has found in freezing them is that they do better when she doesn’t wash them first. I don’t know why, but they taste fresher (more fresh?) when they aren’t washed first!

  2. Tara says:

    Betcha didn’t know my first job was on a blueberry farm! Their advice was to freeze them unwashed laid out flat on a cookie tray and then drop in bags. Less sticking together. Wash them after thawing!

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