World Market Rocks!

June 27, 2011 in design

I went to “town” today and stopped in at World Market. I found some really great furniture that I thought I would share!

Love this table. Not sure where I could put it but it is really nice looking in person!

And the metal chairs that go with it are a great price, too!

This metal edge laptop table is a lot better looking in person. The wood looks weird in this pic, but it’s not. At only 18 inches wide it would make a great nightstand in a tight spot, or a small accent table. I could actually use one right about now since this laptop is about to burn a hole in my legs!

And this whole Aiden set is great! Really a great deal.

And lastly, I really thought this pedestal table was good looking for the price.

Can you guess what I was shopping for in “town” today?

Ha! Actually, it was not tables, but now I need to find a few places to put some!

P.S. Lunch today was delicious veggie soup. Dinner was grilled shrimp, grass-fed burgers, grilled zucchini and grilled mushrooms. I told you we eat a lot!


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  1. hi marla! i agree with you -world market is fantastic! i’ve had the coffee table on my “wish list” for a while now, as well as a few other items. i also find their selection of dish towels to be great – whimsical and absorbent!

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