On the Road

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A few weeks ago we headed to Texas for a week. First to Galveston for a wedding then to Austin for some family time.

One of the biggest challenges with eating healthy is eating healthy outside of the home. And even though we both agreed not to be stressed and overly extreme, we were determined to eat the best we possibly could. While we did eat at the Wedding, Rehersal dinner, and one restraunt, we managed to prepare our own foods the rest of the time.

We packed a few snack items for the plane and then, once we arrived in Houston, our first stop was Whole Foods . We grabbed a couple of pounds of Applegate farms deli meat and cheese, organic ketchup, fruit, yogurt, kind bars, lots of water and a cooler bag.

After that we popped into SNAP KITCHEN and bought a butt load of prepared meals, some sweet treats, and some jerky. When we got to the hotel we asked for a mini fridge in our room and they happily provided us with one. Shane purchased a small propane stove and cast iron pan at a local store and used it to warm the prepared meals (in the parking lot). We could not think of one place we wanted to eat while we were in Galveston so we just skipped eating out and kept it simple around the hotel.

Our first night in Austin, we just had to stop at the Salt Lick and eat BBQ. It tasted great and we love the atmosphere there, but we decided we really had no desire to eat out again. A few years ago we would have eaten BBQ every meal while were in Austin.

( Yes, there was some Shiner involved on this trip!)

Next we ventured to the Lost Pines Resort outside of Austin. (It was perfect! Totally kid friendly, gorgeous and relaxing. I highly recommend it!) We requested a room on the bottom floor and we put the back porch to good use!

And of course, we took a trip to the Mac Daddy Whole Foods in Austin.

Breakfast was eggs with chicken sausage, seasoned with salt and cooked in coconut oil.

Lunch was rolled applegate farms lunchmeat and fruit.

Dinner consisted of hamburgers and heirloom tomatoes.

We were laughing that the other guests who saw us cooking probably thought we were too super cheap to eat at the hotel.

Shane even brought his own coffee and french press!

It was all super easy, affordable and delicious.

And as a bonus, we had lots of energy and plenty of time to be active and enjoy ourselves instesad of worrying about where and what to eat all the time.

Our whole foods Shopping List:

Grassfed beef

Coconut oil


Organic Ketchup

Organic Cheese

Heirloom tomatoes

Applegate Farms Deli Meat


Hot Italian Chicken Sausage



Dark Chocolate

Kind Bars

Lots of Water

(We ate almost everything. There was some ketchup left over that we left there, and we brought home the salt and coconut oil.)

Just so you know!

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Often I get comments with questions in them and I always hesitate to answer them in the comment section, or via personal email because I feel the answer will benefit a lot of people.

And I assume most people do not go back and read the comments to look for my answers.

All that to say….I will be reposting some comments on the LOA facebook page and answering them there, so be sure to “like” it and check back often!


Harper is VERY excited to know her mommy cares about eating clean, whole, real food! Yeah for Mommy’s who care!

Every time I start writing a post about feeding kids, it turns into a tirade that I am certain no one wants to read.

Frankly, “kid food” kills me.

I am by no means an expert at feeding kids, but I try really hard. It is my JOB as their mom to care about what they eat. And I care a lot. I care more about what they eat than I care about what I eat.

I have one child that is a great eater and on that could not be pickier, so I get it. Trust me, I get it.

Today in my inbox, I received this photo attachment from a good friend. She knew I would understand her frustration.

I am not even sure where to begin?

Not one thing on this list was made by God and intended to nourish a human body.

I was going to go through each thing on the list and tell you why I think it is a terrible choice, but it became information overload.

If you think there is a good choice on this list, please feel free to comment and I will explain why I disagree!