Do yourself a Favor

October 12, 2011 in Sweets and Treats     3 comments

And do not order these!

Holy Moly, they are soooooo good.

I may have just eaten the entire bag in one sitting.

Baby made me do it!

And of course here is a link to a whole case for those of you who are weak like me!

I buy mine locally at FOR THE HEALTH OF IT.

Last weekend, Shane and I had a big fight.

Marla: You asked me to make you that nut-oh-la and you have not even eaten it.

Shane: It tastes different, not as sweet and needs more salt.

Marla: I am NEVER making you anything EVER again.

But he said it real mean, I promise.

Anyway, about 10 minutes later the kids and I were in the kitchen making treats for the week.

First we made these ALMOND JOY BARS.

I misread the directions and accidentally used 3/4 CAN of coconut milk. It wasn’t until I saw that my batter was awfully runny that I realized the mistake. I went back and doubled the recipe (except the coconut milk) and fixed the problem. Highly recommend these. I almost never eat any of the treats I make, but these were really mild and not overly sweet. I need to play with the coconut palm sugar more in the future.

Next we made BROWNIES.

I always sub honey for the agave and pretty much use a different brand of almond butter each time. The almond butter definitely affects the taste but I have no clue which one is best since I don’t really pay much attention.

I think these are WAY too sweet and I even cut the honey down to just 1 cup, but my people like them and I aim to please!

Also worth noting!!! I always use coconut oil to grease my baking dishes and pretty much everything I makes sticks at least a little bit.

I have been meaning to try parchment paper but kept forgetting until now. LET ME TELL YOU, BRILLIANT!!!

Bowl of Yum!

July 22, 2011 in Sweets and Treats     10 comments

I want to share a favorite treat of mine that helps when you are trying to beat the sweets! Avery LOVES it, too and will eat it for breakfast or dessert any day!

We call it the BOWL OF YUM!

I don’t usually make it in a glass, I did that just so you could see the layers of goodness!

I usually just use a mini bowl like this, because a little goes a long way!

I guess you want to know what we put in the yum to make it so yummy?!

1 scoop almond butter

A sprinkle of shredded coconut

A sprinkle a chia seeds

A handful of blueberries (or strawberries for Avery-too sweet for me)

A sprinkle of crushed pecans or walnuts

And topped with coconut milk

DUDE, that’s goooooood!!

P.S. Be sure when you buy Almond Butter that the ingredients are just ALMONDS. Do not buy it if it has any other ingredients, except maybe flax like this ONE.

Also, coconut milk should only have coconuts and maybe some water.