It’s a Riddle…

September 12, 2011 in design     9 comments

World Market Rocks!

June 27, 2011 in design     1 comment

I went to “town” today and stopped in at World Market. I found some really great furniture that I thought I would share!

Love this table. Not sure where I could put it but it is really nice looking in person!

And the metal chairs that go with it are a great price, too!

This metal edge laptop table is a lot better looking in person. The wood looks weird in this pic, but it’s not. At only 18 inches wide it would make a great nightstand in a tight spot, or a small accent table. I could actually use one right about now since this laptop is about to burn a hole in my legs!

And this whole Aiden set is great! Really a great deal.

And lastly, I really thought this pedestal table was good looking for the price.

Can you guess what I was shopping for in “town” today?

Ha! Actually, it was not tables, but now I need to find a few places to put some!

P.S. Lunch today was delicious veggie soup. Dinner was grilled shrimp, grass-fed burgers, grilled zucchini and grilled mushrooms. I told you we eat a lot!


Crafty? Um. No.

April 19, 2011 in design , family     21 comments

In case you did not know, I am not crafty! I mean, I am in my head. But not so much in real life. I do however have some mad spray painting skills. And by skills, I mean, I CAN and DO spray paint things from time to time in order to feel powerful.

So let me show you my latest spray painting victory….

Back in January I bought 6 of these ikea dressers. They are inexpensive and just the right size for night-stands and small spaces (aka our closets).

Frick and Frack wanted to help assemble them, so we went after it, assembling 5 of them in one sitting.

Just 5? Why not all 6 ?

Well, Shane complained about our construction skills so we left him the last one to do himself. He really should know by now how sensitive I am. (It’s still in the box, by the way).


(Note: Avery quit after the first one, leaving Van and I to slave away alone.)

Back to painting.

Here is the before. Try not to be jealous of my mad photo skills. I only had a 100mm macro lens. oops.

This is where the action happens. I am very particular about keeping things nice and clean. :) Actually, Shane likes it when I “decorate” the pine straw, right Shane?

And here we have the tools I use. I have also painted a bed and a chair this same grey color and I find it very versatile!

And since I know you are just dying to see the final product, I’ll stop typing and get to it.

Your impressed, right?! I know, me too! It really is amazing what you can do with a can of spray paint and a strong index finger!

Go. Buy. Paint.


(Pulls from HERE)

(Inspiration from HERE)