It’s a good thing…

March 28, 2013 in family , Gardening     4 comments

It’s a good thing that we’re not having a gardening competition around here!

Well….good for ME!

My Garden:

Shane’s Garden:

Whatever! Maybe I am trying to grow dried Rosemary. Ever think of that?!!

Mini Shane!

March 25, 2013 in family     3 comments

This is how Shane watches the baby!

” I just dont have the time…..”

This is something I hear all the time and I really have to bite my tongue.

I hear you BUT I, too, am busy.

I have two full time businesses and three very full time kids. A husband, a house, and this blog!

And I still make the time to cook real food on a really regular basis.

I’m not always just dying to cook and clean up the kitchen, but I do it because it is important to me and my family.

Food doesn’t have to be complicated. Meals don’t have to have three parts.

I do share “recipes” on this blog from time to time, but most of the time we eat simple one course meals that are easy to prepare.

I recently started an album on facebook called WHAT’S FOR DINNER. It’s not fancy food and definitely not fancy pictures. Just snapshots of the super simple meals we eat on a regular basis.

One of our favorite things to cook is whole roasted chicken.

We make 4 at a time and sometimes we eat it as just chicken and other times we eat it as part of something different: chicken salad, chicken nachos, chicken soup, etc.

Its a pretty dang versatile thing to have around!


This is how we do it:

• Filet backbone out so it can lay out flat, upside down.

•Add salt all over inside. tons. and also salt topside under wings etc.

• Add tons of thyme and tons of garlic. Whole cloves under skin if you have them or flakes. Make sure it is totally covered.

• Bake on parchment lined baking sheets at 435 for 3-4 hours until the skin is nice and caramelized.

• Dig in!