Summer of Sonny!

August 10, 2012 in design , family     11 comments

We survived the summer of Sonny! And I am pleased to announce that it went awesome.

So much better than we anticipated. I hear third babies are cool like that!

Now that the big kids are back in school, and summer busy season at work is starting to slow down, I am excited to get back to keeping up with my house, cooking food, and blogging.

I apologize for my lack of content here, but I am sure you understand!

One thing I have been meaning to show you for months, is Sonny’s closet. Um, room. Yes, it is now a room!

We pulled out the built-in shelving in Shane’s closet and created a cozy nook for our little chicken.

When we built this house, just two years ago, we did not know we would need an extra room. We thought about putting the big kids together, or the girls together. But in the end, the closet was the best option. When I tell people that she lives in a closet, I am always quick to add “but it has window treatments and art!”

Curtains: Ralph Lauren Home fabric

Shade: Blinds Online White Woven Wood Shade

Crib: Ikea Gulliver

Angel Wings Artwork: Allison Wickey

Sheet (not shown): Pottery Barn Kids Organic

Origami Mobile: Sarah Latour

(And for those of you who are paranoid, there is an air vent in the closet and curtains instead of a solid door!)