Garden Goodies

April 30, 2012 in Gardening     Add Comment

We have so much going on in our garden this spring!

I am so thankful that Shane has a green thumb because I certainly do not.

I do however love having fresh veggies and fruit on hand, so its a win win for me!

Today I wanted to show off our tiny but super tasty apples!!

 We have a total of 4 apple trees.

They are planted in sets of two so that they can cross pollinate. You know, it takes two to tango!

The trees pictured here have been in the ground for two years.

Last year they did not produce, but this year we expect to get a couple of gallons of these little cuties!


I can’t believe no one was outraged that my family was making me stand in the hot kitchen

and bake just days after having a baby!

The truth is that the zucchini and squash are plentiful around here

and I LOVE zucchini bread!

So I baked!

I used the exact same recipe that I use for zucchini muffins, I just put it in bread pans instead. I like it as bread much better because it stays super moist and does not stick to the parchment paper.

I do cook it a little longer, like 40 minutes at 350. My oven timer is broken so I just kinda watch it!

I have experimented with using cranberries, cherries and chocolate chips recently. So far, cranberries definitely win!

I have also swapped the pecans for walnuts. Use what you have and make it work. It’s worth it!!



And I’m back!

April 27, 2012 in family     17 comments

Hey there!

Last time we spoke, I looked like this:

And, we were doing a lot of this:

But now, I look like this:

And spend all my time staring at this:

Life is amazing!!