I saw this print on pinterest yesterday and I immediately felt guilty for all the excuses I make in my life. Guess that was the point!

This whole blogging this is definitely on the list!

Here are some of my excuses for the lack of blogging. And the reality of blogging

1) I need a card reader at the house so I can update it from home. You have ten at the office, just take one home already. Or blog from the office, it does not take that long and can be done while photoshop is batching.

2) I do not know if I want to talk about my kids and family for the whole world to see. The personal blogs are the ones I love most, and what better way is there to keep a family journal?

3) If I talk about nourishing food all the time, people will get annoyed and think I am crazy! People already think I am a food freak, why not let that flag fly?! Maybe someone will learn something and make changes that could help them.

4) I can barely keep up with everything else I have going on. (That’s a good excuse for just about anything you need to tackle) Get over yourself, you still have plenty of time for facebook and online shopping.

Last week my friend Erin (that’s her mini me on the right) was in town and one morning over coffee we were talking about blogs. She said “yeah, your blog sucks!” I about died laughing! It totally sucks, I agree. And the fact that she has not updated her own blog in at least a year took away the sting!¬†We also discussed the relevance of blogs these days. Are people still into reading them, or has facebook, pinterest, twitter and all that taken away their charm? What do you think? Are you even reading this?

And if you are not, well that’s no excuse for me not to blog anyway. Because I’m reading it! (And so are you, right Shane?!)