You are totally running late.

Trying to get out the door as quick as possible.

You realize as you are about to walk out that you should really grab sweater.

You run back to your closet.

And right there, where you never expected it, are your car keys.

Seriously, finding your keys in a random spot when you really have no time to look for them= Awesome!!

P.S. Ignore the dead bird in the corner. It’s not real.

P.S.S. No, that is not my closet.

Crimp it baby!

April 20, 2011 in family     6 comments

One night I braided her hair while it was wet so it would be wavy in the morning. Just for fun. Now she wants to do it every night.

When I asked her if she was really going to make me do it every night she replied…

“Uh, yeah. It’s my thing.”

Oh, okay then.

Whatever floats your boat sister!

(And just for the record, I did try to then explain that grass is always greener, and that some day she would have curly hair like me and wish it was still straight, but I am sure that all sounded like blah blah blah to her!)

(Bottom Photo by Van)

Crafty? Um. No.

April 19, 2011 in design , family     21 comments

In case you did not know, I am not crafty! I mean, I am in my head. But not so much in real life. I do however have some mad spray painting skills. And by skills, I mean, I CAN and DO spray paint things from time to time in order to feel powerful.

So let me show you my latest spray painting victory….

Back in January I bought 6 of these ikea dressers. They are inexpensive and just the right size for night-stands and small spaces (aka our closets).

Frick and Frack wanted to help assemble them, so we went after it, assembling 5 of them in one sitting.

Just 5? Why not all 6 ?

Well, Shane complained about our construction skills so we left him the last one to do himself. He really should know by now how sensitive I am. (It’s still in the box, by the way).


(Note: Avery quit after the first one, leaving Van and I to slave away alone.)

Back to painting.

Here is the before. Try not to be jealous of my mad photo skills. I only had a 100mm macro lens. oops.

This is where the action happens. I am very particular about keeping things nice and clean. :) Actually, Shane likes it when I “decorate” the pine straw, right Shane?

And here we have the tools I use. I have also painted a bed and a chair this same grey color and I find it very versatile!

And since I know you are just dying to see the final product, I’ll stop typing and get to it.

Your impressed, right?! I know, me too! It really is amazing what you can do with a can of spray paint and a strong index finger!

Go. Buy. Paint.


(Pulls from HERE)

(Inspiration from HERE)